Laminates or Veneers

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Laminates or Veneers


This could be Yours

Laminates or Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are bonded to the front teeth to modify the shape and color of the existing teeth. Like for crowns, there are several different companies that market their laminate’s trade name. They each have a different proprietary composition and manufacture of these materials. They basically all look the same, and are very strong. But regardless of which brand is used, a little enamel will need to be whisked off, but far less than for a crown. How much your tooth is to be shaped has more to do with what you want to achieve aesthetically, than the brand of laminate. In any case over bulking is not an option – it is unsightly and irritates the gums.

Is a simple Procedure

Although one laminate is sometimes all that is needed – usually this process is associated the four front incisor teeth. This gives a more unified and symmetrical look. Between visits, while the lab makes your laminates, you will be wearing temporary laminates. Laminates are just as long lasting as crowns, if not more so.

Laminates are not only done for cosmetic reasons, but also for functional reasons. If the front teeth are wearing down, laminates will stop that, and restore you to your original tooth length, and function. This will preserve your proper posterior occlusion or bite.

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