Clear Orthodontic Retainers

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Essix Retainer

Clear Orthodontic Retainers

Clear Orthodontic Retainers offer an immense improvement in aesthetics and comfort – whether you are actively moving teeth, or stabilizing your new alignment.

We have an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist on the premises. Dr. Vicky Cartsos will gladly evaluate your needs with a free consultation.

But perhaps you need something less than full orthodontic treatment. Many of us have already had ortho, but lost those retainers, and now shifting of the front teeth is occurring. Or maybe you never had orthodontia, and you are just concerned with the appearance of your front teeth, and don’t want to invest in the time and money to redo your entire mouth.

A technique similar to Invisalign, called MTM – Minor Tooth Movement – from Essix, can move your front teeth into place in a few weeks. These clear Essix Retainers will move your teeth into place in 1 to 3 months using 3 or 4 retainers, depending on how much tooth movement is desired. During treatment you will wear your Essix Retainer 24/7 – only removing it to eat, drink, and brush. You need to come in weekly for adjustments. At the final visit you will get your clear Essix Retainer which will comfortably and invisibly keep your teeth in place. This procedure costs less than $1,000 per jaw, and is covered by your adult orthodontic insurance rider.

Needless to say, Whitening your teeth afterwards will accentuate your new beautiful smile. If needed you can have some finishing touches done with bonding also, after you have whitened your teeth…

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